Thursday, February 9, 2012

Talib Kweli-Hell

Every Sunday waking up catching gossip at its worst
Couldn't see the difference in the Baptist and the Catholic Church
Caught up in the rapture of the first chapter and second verse
If we all god's children then what's the word of the reverend worth
Taught early that faith is blind like justice when you facing time
If we all made in god's image then that means his face is mine
Wait or it's that blasphemy it's logical it has to be
If I don't look like my father then the way I live is bastardly
Naturally that's confusion to a young'n trying to follow christ
Taught that if you don't know jesus then you lead a hollow life
Never question the fact that jesus was a jew and not a christian
Or that christianity was made law by politicians
And who was King James?
And why did he think that it was so vital to remove chapters and make his own version of the bible
They say hell is underground, heaven is in the sky
they say that's where you go when you die but how they know

I've been to many churches, I've quoted many verses
I've dealt with my base self I controlled my many urges
I used to study my lessons
That was a blessing not a curse
I found out that heaven and hell exist right here on earth, word
Studied with Rastafarian's, found out from the dreads that hell is called Babylon
And that's where the crazy boarheads dwell
They got us thinking that muslims like to make bombs
But real muslims believe in paradise and resisting Shaitan

So it all sound the same to me
But when they say one's right and the other is wrong it just sound like game to me
It's like god skipped past the church and came to me
No that ain't vein to me
It's just a particular way that I came to see
The difference between those that claim to be
Religious and those that say they spiritual
And recognize that life is full of miracles
You can the flow is divine
I glow when I rhyme
Cause it coincide with a grow in tide of those
looking for god that know to go inside

Looking for absolution
Livin in mass confusion
The gas inducing psychopath created a last solution
Based on his interpretation of what the words are saying
Lookin for god but ended up doing the work of satan
Religion create division
Make the muslim hate the christian
Make the christian hate the jew
Make up rules of faith
That you condition to and gotta follow
god forbid you go to hell
But if you ever been to any ghetto then you know it well

Thi is one of my favourite Talib goes so deep...

and btw sorry ive been away for so long...but im back enjoy this poems

Peace....Martial Hip Hop Arts The Truth!